Social Sciences e-Journals

Philippine Studies is an internationally refereed journal that publishes scholarly and original articles from a range of disciplines that provide historical and ethnographic viewpoints on the Philippines and its peoples.

TALA is an Open Access Journal (OAJ) in History with the conviction of the significance of historical research in understanding human events. As open-access, it operates to impart credible historical knowledge for free; and as a journal, its editorial team shall ensure that articles are properly screened and guided by the double-blind review. It accommodates studies in general history: local and international, along with its many facets such political, social, economic, cultural, diplomatic and religious, to name a few.

Plaridel – A Philippine Journal of Communication, Media, and Society.  Is a national journal of communication.  It has since evolved to a more inclusive regional focus and has recently begun publishing papers from other Asian countries. Papers published in Plaridel Journal include original research in different areas of media and communication studies in the Philippines and Asia.  These can be qualitative or quantitative work in media effects, industry, political economy, subcultural practices, and journalism studies, among others.