English e-Journals

The Looking Glass: New Perspectives on Children’s Literature. An electronic journal about children’s literature. The journal was launched April 2, 1997 — International Children’s Book Day. As our name suggests, we combine an interest in the traditional with an eye to the modern.  Articles are published in a range of formats and styles, from the formally academic (peer-reviewed), through more general analysis and commentary, to light and quirky observations. Learn about The Looking Glass here.

Ariel: Review of International English Literature. A quarterly journal (published in January, April, July, and October) devoted to the critical and scholarly study of the new and the established literatures in English around the world in its various manifestations as International English Literature, Postcolonial Literatures, Commonwealth Literature, New Literatures in English, and World Writing in English.

Studies in Social Justice. Studies in Social Justice publishes articles on issues dealing with the social, cultural, economic, political, and philosophical problems associated with the struggle for social justice. This interdisciplinary journal aims to publish work that links theory to social change and the analysis of substantive issues covering nationalism, social and public policy, globalization, culture, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, welfare, poverty, war, and other social phenomena.

Open J-Gate.   Open J-Gate is an electronic gateway to global journal literature in open access domain.  Open J-Gate provides seamless access to millions of journal articles available online. Open J-Gate is also a database of journal literature, indexed from 8480 open access journals, with links to full text at Publisher sites. Learn about Open J-Gate here.

Academic Journals. The Academic Journals publishes research articles in all areas of human study without financial restriction to readers using the open access model of publication. It covers research articles on medical sciences, social sciences, biological sciences, physical sciences, arts and education, legal sciences and other studies like peace and development studies. Learn about Academic Journals here.