Vision, Mission and Objectives

The MCHS Library Media Center is a premiere educational media center that develops and provides various updated information resources, state-of-the-art instructional media materials, equipment and production facilities to empower all the members of the MCHS community to be discriminating and responsible users of information, media and technology.

The MCHS Library Media Center supports and enriches the mission-vision of Miriam College High School by:

1. providing access to information and technology resources that meet the learning, teaching, research, and personal development needs of the individual members of the MCHS community.

2. giving information/ technology literacy skills development and training for all members of the MCHS community.

3. facilitates the integration of various information and communications technology  resources into the teaching-learning environment.

The services of the MCHS Library Media Center are directed to enable the members of the MCHS community  to:

1.  become self directed, independent and life-long learners.

2.  develop the necessary skills in selecting and using information and technology so that they become competent and effective member of the community.

3.  facilitate the acquisition of new and relevant library media resources for instructional integration.