In 1960 the high school library was located on the third floor of the college unit building.  Sister Mary Celestine, a Maryknoll nun, was the librarian.  She had one assistant student librarian.  There was a total collection of 625 volumes of books and periodicals. The Virtue of Trust by Paul de Jaegher was the first book listed in the accession record and the first periodical was the National Geographic, vol. 139, January-June 1921.   There were pieces of furniture donated by senior students made of narra and plywood : one charging desk, one card catalog and one filing cabinet.  The dictionary stand was donated by Mr. Desiderio de Los Reyes.

Before 1969, the library was transferred to the old wing of St. Joseph Villa of the high school unit and an Audio-visual component was placed at the mezzanine of the second floor cafetorium.  Mrs. Paula Hizon, the head librarian looked after both the library and the A-V component.  Since the A-V Room was quite big, it could accommodate as many as two classes at a time for viewing of films and slides and was also used as a place for meetings and conferences of big groups.

In 1969, Mrs. Asuncion Estenor became the A-V coordinator.  It was during her term that there came to be an A-V clerk in the person of Mr. Aniceto Marquez.

In 1981 the Instructional Media Center was established to incorporate both the library and the A-V components.  It was headed by Miss Inge Otterspoor.  Her office doubled as teachers’ reading room where instructional and professional books for teachers were available.

Miss Otterspoor did not finish her term, and so, for four years the position of IMC head was vacant.  Both the library and the A-V components were placed under the supervision of   Miss Juliet Reyes, then Assistant Principal for Academics, then, until the appointment of Mrs. Patricia Caparroso as A-V head in 1987.   In the year 1997, the library was air-conditioned for more comfort of its users and better upkeep of its materials.

In 1999 Miss Teresita Giron became the new IRC Supervisor.  Soon after her appointment the office was renamed Information Resource Center.   In the year 2000 the A-V component was transferred to the second floor of the old villa (which had been renamed St. Joseph Hall) where it is still located at present.  It is adjacent to the Speech Room and is more accessible to the students and faculty members.  Since the AV equipment and materials have grown to a large number, this place is no longer used for big meetings or conferences, unlike the former A-V Room, but now has some tables and chairs for users of these equipment and materials.

In the year 2001, the library started to incorporate the use of Gsoft LISA automation system in managing and circulating its resources.

SY 2002-2003 saw a different set-up. The Information Resource Center was dissolved to give way for the High School Library and Audio Visual office to work independently. The library was headed by Mrs. Ener Cruz while the A-V office was managed by Mr. Agustin Alvarez. The library continued to develop its print collection, especially the updating of information file and the creation of the Maryknoll/Miriam College history-related collection while the A-V office started to include high technology equipment like computers and linear editing machines, which greatly contributed in creating and enhancing audio-visual materials for classroom instruction.

When Mr Alvarez resigned from the position in May 2004, the AV coordinatorship was given to Mr. Marion Jude M. Gorospe. This time, the AV center underwent a lot of changes. First, its name was changed into Media Center to emphasize the developing media program of the office. Its physical layout was re-arranged and materials and equipment were re-organized. New systems of acquisition, circulation and management were introduced for better services to the community. New facilities and services were introduced as well like the Media Production Room, the Audio-Visual satellite office and the compact disc – read only memory (CD-ROM) viewing section. Exhibits area was allotted to accommodate new materials for examination by teachers before purchase.

In the library, Ms. Melinda Enaje took over after Mrs. E. Cruz ended her term in May 2006. During her term, a special area called ‘Teen Zone’ was created to accommodate juvenile and young adult’s reading interests. Also it was during this time that the students’ research needs in social issues and sciences were given much attention through acquisition of related books and subscription to new periodicals.

When Ms. Enaje ended her term in May 2007, the position was passed on to Mr. Gorospe to enable the integration of the library and the A-V office as one information center in the high school.

In May 2010, the High School Library Media Center was built to enable the full integration of all information resources and Library/AV services  as well as accommodate more students in the area.

At present, with the further growth and development of the Library Media Center, its supervisor and staff members hope to continue giving dedicated service to the high school community and effective support to the teaching-learning process.