Welcome to Miriam College High School LMC-Web Assist

MCHS Library Media Center is on the web.

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This web portal serves as a pathfinder to online-based information resources for all LMC users in Miriam College High School. All the links are reviewed by the librarians and teachers of MCHS.

This  web portal is aimed to assist and guide students and other HS-LMC users in surfing the net, in looking for authentic and relevant information resources and in using these resources for their academic tasks and personal development.

Provided for the MCHS community are links to:

1. General references, dictionaries of various formats, thesauri, atlases, maps and books of facts online;

2. Open-access journal articles and e-books for academic research and personal reading;

3. Websites to enrich learnings in Science, Math, and other subjects;

4. Information about the H.S. Library Media Center of Miriam College, our programs, services and schedule of activities;

5. Reservation of viewing rooms, preview rooms and the media production room;

5. Free online application software for easy group collaboration on multimedia projects, video production, and other document creation; and

6. library assistance online.